Due to Covid-19, all workshops are currently on hold

Do you want to start shooting film, or perhaps refresh the knowledge you had back in the 90s but you are not too sure where to start? Getting into film can be a bit daunting (and expensive) and having a good idea of what different cameras and films are on offer, how they work and how best to use the gear you have, is an invaluable thing.  My beginners' photography workshops are aimed at giving an in-depth, all rounded lesson about film photography and how best to tackle it with some, little or no prior knowledge!





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Classes will consist of two parts, the first being a sit down workshop on the theoretical side of film photography. This will involve lots of tea, coffee and biscuits of course! The second part will be a tutored photo walk at a location in the city where you can put into practise what you have just learned. We will look at architecture, light, shadows, reflection and photographing people amongst other things and I will be there to point out what to look for and give help and tips. After this, we will hopefully end off the day with some drinks and chat at a nearby pub, where everyone can get to know each other a bit and chat about all things filmy! 

The theory side of the class will cover things such as: 

- How film differs from digital and why it is a good place to start

- In-depth (but interesting!) introduction to what film is, how it works, what kind of films there are and how best to use them

- An overview of how cameras and lenses works and what kinds are out there and which to choose

- Understanding exposure and depth of field 

- Shooting techniques and lighting

- Where to buy film and get your films processed

The workshop will be held in Limehouse, East London and will cost £70 per person. It will last about 6 hours, with a quick lunch break between the theory and practical side of things. You will receive TWO FREE ROLLS OF FILM on the day and will also come away with a printed booklet of all the theory bits we have looked at. There might also be some small prizes given out throughout the day! You will be required to bring along a camera to use but I will also have a few which I can loan out on the day if need be.




To sign up for upcoming workshops email me at gnproductions@outlook.com or