about me - Sarah Emma Smith

I have come from a long line of film-makers and photographers (that long line, being my father...) and have in some form or other, always been fascinated by making images, both still and moving. The world is inherently more beautiful through a focused lens and I am constantly trying to find that magic moment or frame.


I love photographing many things but have always been attracted to lines and symmetry and this is easy to find in something like the railways. This has evolved into a love of photographing anything to do with metro systems and trains, including the many (happy and unhappy) people who use them day in and day out and the secrets and history that can be found in the tunnels. My other motorised love is motorcycles which is evident when scoping out the subject of a lot of my images. There is nothing quite like the freedom two wheels bring and I have found an incredible network of inspiring women and people with the shared passion. 


Film photography is my other passion and never leave the house without a camera or two. This is a love that is only growing and growing with every day and probably the art form that gives me the greatest joy. There is something about only having 36 shots that brings out the most creative and observant side of me. I can never be bored with a camera and a fresh roll of film in my hands and it has profoundly changed the way I interact with world around me.


I am able to offer filming, editing and photography to anyone out there with a project in mind. I have done a lot of work with Red Bull, House of Vans, The Allegri String Quartet, The Calais Sessions, the Londonist, MCN and am heavily involved in working with VC London, the London based all women's motorcycle collective. I am also currently partnering up with VerseFilm Projects to bring interesting and informative educational videos to the forefront of focus. 


I am always interested in collaborating on films (shooting or editing) and any projects of interest. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, big or small and I will be happy to bounce some thoughts around with you.